Media Center

The Media Center is the heart of our school and allows your child's imagination, come to life. While reading a book, your child can time travel, go to outer space, travel the world, or travel the country. They can be an astronaut, a doctor, a fireman, a police officer, a scientist, or even an animal. Your child can learn about the earth, technology, poems, extinct animals, animals that still inhabit the earth, art, music, and even future careers.

Students do not have to pay fines for returning a book late, however, if a student loses or damages a book, they do have to pay the fine.

Media Center Hours:
Classes and grade levels will be allotted certain times to visit the media center

If you are in need of contacting the Media Center:
         407-296-6440 ext. 3592227

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A quote to represent the Media Center and the enjoyment of reading.