All injured students must be sent to the clinic and an incident report must be completed

Clinic or office personnel will administer all medications
         Medication in tablet form will be counted and logged
         Students may not bring any kind of medication into their classroom

Students who receive medication throughout the school day must have an 

"Authorization for Medication" on file
This form can be found in the clinic

Teachers should not call parents to inform them that their child is feeling ill, only the school health assistant may do so
           For an incident as small as just needing a band-aid, the teacher can take care of this in their room

Students who are suspected to having head lice, must be taken to the clinic. If lice are present students will not be able to return to class, until the issue is resolved. We will work diligently to enforce Orange County's "no-nit” policy. The student will also need to be checked by the school's nurse, after the issue is resolved, before returning to class.

If you are in need of contacting the clinic
          407-296-6440 ext. 3592323

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This picture represents the clinic and the children's wellness.